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Hey guys, I know its been a while i posted anything here (who missed me?) so this is actually a Life Update post.

2017 So Far 

I’ve been blogging for about four months now and the experience has been amazing. The fact that people actually take time to ask me questions about my blog and try to understand what it’s about makes me so happy and it just goes to show that my work is being seen and appreciated. 

The year has been really great so far. I didn’t actually make any resolutions at the beginning of the year but I’ve definitely made some changes and also improved on some things. I made a list of things I’d like to do before the end of the year and i’d share them in my next post. If you follow me on Instagram (@g.preye) then you already know I started a shoe challenge at the beginning of the year and thank God I’ve been consistent with it. 

Gafa Sandals 

Valentine was really not a big deal for me cause I had school that day and I didn’t have any plans but thanks to Thebloggerpoint and Gafasandals, I got a Valentine present. They organised a giveaway and I won a pair of slippers. Considering how much I’ve always wanted one, I was so excited when I got the package. 


My birthday was really fun. I got a nice pair of embroidered sneakers for myself, I went out with friends and we saw the movie – Hire a man. It’s really hilarious and if you’re a fan of romantic comedy then you’d definitely enjoy it. Also you can read my birthday post here

The Grab and Go Experience 

I went to Abuja during my short break from school and I visited the Grab and Go spot located at 6th Avenue, Gwarinpa. I went there at night hence, the dark picture. They have a menu of different snacks, cocktails, juices and mocktails. I got the mini dogs and chapman which I really loved and I went to get it again the next day. 

WaffleStop Abuja 

I also got a breakfast treat from Waffle Stop. They make really nice waffles and pancakes. I actually placed my order over the phone just because lazy mornings. I got regular waffles with banana topping and maple syrup. It was really nice and the delivery guy was fast but i’d love to go there myself next time. 

Basically the first quarter of the year has been great for me. Right now I just feel like traveling to somewhere I’ve never been just to relax and try out new dishes. I’ll definitely keep you updated with how this plan turns out.  

If you could travel anywhere for a vacation, where would you go

Thanks for stopping by and special thanks to everyone who reposts and retweets my posts on Instagram and Twitter. I really appreciate everyone of you. 

Goody, xoxo


Hey guys, welcome to my very first style post. This post should have been up sometime last week but I’ve been so busy with school work and some other things (my procrastinating self trying to make excuses). If you haven’t read the post on my last thrift finds you can do so by clicking here

I get a lot of compliments and questions  from my friends and some other people when I put on my most of my thrifted items and they’re  always surprised when I tell them the prices. I think most times, we forget that Pricey doesn’t always mean Quality. 

I always consider comfort when picking out my outfits and it’s so easy to slide in & out of this pinafore.


Sneakers – New Balance (thrifted

Tank top- Thrifted

Pinafore – thrifted

Thanks for stopping by, I’d like to know what you think of this outfit so go ahead and leave comments (I really love it when you do). 

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Happy birthday to me!!! 

My birthday was actually 2 days ago so this is kinda like a late birthday post. I’m 21 now and honestly I don’t even know how to act (not ready to start adulting, lol).In my little journey, there are some lessons i’ve learnt and there are so many things i’m grateful for but i’ll just share some of them.

I’m really grateful for my family, my parents are a major source of my inspiration. Growing up i always thought my mum was too hard on me but i appreciate all her disciplinary actions because they’ve shaped me to be the lady I am today. Special thanks to my big bro for always supporting and encouraging me to do better


I’ve learnt that its not about how fast but how well.. This is actually a difficult lesson because sometimes i just wish everything is as perfect as i want it to be. But I’ve learnt that it’s  not always going to look perfect but it can be better if only i can wait. 

I’m so grateful for the ability to forgive. Sometimes we think we’re doing it for the other person but i’ve learnt to forgive for myself. 

Hanging on to resentment is letting someone you despise live rent free in your head –  Ann Landers


I won’t be where i am without my friends. I’m so thankful for their love and support. I’m not exactly the most friendly person you’ll meet but i appreciate everyone who has managed to understand me and decided to stick around. 


I used to be so afraid of failing and this stopped me from doing so many things. I always thought “what if its a total flop? ” but i’ m glad i’m way passed that stage of my life. If anything, failing has made me realize i can only get better. I’m grateful for all my moments of victory. 

I’ll be done with school few months from now and i want to thank God that i didn’t give up (i have special beef with school). Even though i hate school, i’m thankful for everything i’ve learnt from both my lecturers and students.

This is something I always struggle with but somehow God has been helping me. I’ve learnt how important it is for me to keep doing whatever i’m doing whether it is getting the recognition i want or not. 


Like they say “thank God for Jesus Christ”.. Lol. I’m grateful for the ability to stay calm even in situations where I know i’ll flip on a normal day. Its all part of the molding process to becoming the kinda woman i want to be. 

The word of God is a special gift to me (everyone actually). I’ve not been consistent with reading my Bible but i’m doing a better job now. I’m really thankful for how the scriptures help me to see myself in a totally different light. It reminds me that i’m royalty and i have no reason to hate any part of myself

I’m thankful for social media, it has helped me to connect with amazing people and also to publicize my brand.

Of course i’m thankful for you that is reading this post right now. Without you, i can’t exactly say i have a blog. Thank you for your love and support. 

Goody, xoxo


Hello beautiful people. Hope everyone is having a good day. This post is specially dedicated to those who love slaying on a budget…hello sister girl!I didn’t like the idea of getting pre-loved clothing  items at first but i started appreciating it when i understood the art of thrifting (yes! its an art, *big grin*), also its a way to get some statement clothing items for less. (more…)


Hey guys, how are you doing today? Hope everyone is having a good week. So i attended a wig making workshop organised by Alex of and Ella of sometime last year and since then I’ve not had the time to make a wig for myself. I finally decided to make one last weekend and also share (more…)