Hello there, you’re welcome to my blog.  From the title of this post you already know what I want to talk about. This might sound funny but I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for over four years now (Yes, i know that’s a really long time to think). I just got a laptop then and I really wanted to start but I had no motivation.  I wasn’t even reading the works of other bloggers so i had no clue what a blog should look like and I also had the perception that a blogger has to be very perfect (i know very cliché, lol) ). I was fresh outta secondary school and if you’re a Nigerian, you already know that Nigerian parents will never give you freedom to do anything that is not related to school work. So I didn’t have the resources I needed to start or the opportunity to travel or even go out as often as I’d want to and what’s a blog without posts about cool locations for dinners, meet and greet events, etc. I could’ve started when I entered the university but I guess I got overwhelmed by school work and I really wanted to avoid distractions…I’m serious like that, lol. Also, I’m an introvert (my real friends would beg to differ tho) and I felt blogging would mean putting a whole lot of my business online for people to see and interacting with lots of strangers (*covers face*) which is actually not a bad thing cause I’ve met some really amazing people online.

If I had started my blog then, it would’ve suffered dryness and a pure lack of interesting contents because I would’ve neglected it so many times because of school. I’m not saying I’m completely jobless now but I feel I have enough free time to work on my blog and even though four years is a really long time, I’m happy to start now.

So there you have it, my reasons for starting my blog now. Thank you very much for reading, don’t forget to leave comments and subscribe below. Also if you’d like to know more about me just click here.

Goody, xoxo.


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