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Hello beautiful people. Hope everyone is having a good week. You know how we all have those things we’re addicted to or we just simply love very much; well here are the ten things i can’t live without:


I love money! I really don’t have to emphasize the importance of money.. As an accounting student, i get to work with figures a lot and sometimes i just imagine handling all that money!.Lol, a girl can dream right? I can never make a wishlist without money being part of it.


Now this is something i really can’t do without as i’m always busy with it.I do almost everything with my phone: music, calls, assignments, blogging,etc Truth is I’m actually addicted to my phone (I call it bae, *big grin*)


What would I do without music tho? I listen to music all the time (literally) – when eating, working, blogging…I could go on but I’m sure you get my point. I don’t have a favourite genre (Tbh I don’t know how to pronounce that word) I listen to almost anything/ everything. Bryson Tiller’s TRAP SOUL has been my favourite lately. I think i’m a pretty good singer myself..


The internet is a very important part of my life; Like without it you wouldn’t be reading this right now and I won’t even own a blog! The internet has created the opportunity for me to meet amazing people; some of them are like family to me now.


When in doubt, wear black!

Black is one of my favourite colours (other one is purple). One of my go-to outfits is a short black dress, it just gives you a chic look and I think it’s quite difficult to look overdressed in black. I could actually wear black everyday.


It’s almost impossible for me to walk past a mirror without stopping to look at myself (vain much, lol). Shout out to whoever invented mirrors; I get to stare at my pretty self for as long as I want.


I’m actually not a very good dancer except in front of my mirror… I really admire professional dancers cause their work is not easy although it looks like fun. Dancing to me is like an exercise but I love it; I always try to dance whenever I hear music even if it means shaking only head or waving my hands.


I love tea and bread. Please i’m not talking about green tea, ginger or lemon tea; I mean the typical Nigerian kind with lots of milk and sugar. Soft bread is actually one of the ways to my heart (after cake).


I used to be a movie freak but I’ve been so busy lately that I hardly think of movies. I’m still a movie lover though; some of my favourites are One day, Sound of Music, If Only, The Great Gatsby, Ramona and Beezus, Harry Potter, A Walk to Remember, The Fault in our Stars.


There’s nothing like having garri soaked in ice cold water with enough milk, sugar and groundnuts or smoked fish. As a typical Nigerian girl from the South, you should understand that I can’t do without this!

Feel free to share the things you can’t live without in the comments and if you haven’t subscribed already, please do so. Also, I intend to make a Q&A/ TMI (Too Much Information) post so if there’s anything you’d like to know about me or you have any random question in mind you can just leave a comment or send them via :

Instagram- @g.preye | Twitter- @onume__ | E-mail: preyegoodness@gmail.com

Do have a good day and i’ll see you soon.

Goodie. xoxo



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