Hey guys, how are you doing today? Hope everyone is having a good week. So i attended a wig making workshop organised by Alex of and Ella of sometime last year and since then I’ve not had the time to make a wig for myself. I finally decided to make one last weekend and also share

the process with you. So let’s get straight to business. 

What you’ll need:

1. Mannequin head

2. Weaves

3. Needle

4. Thread

5. Wig cap

6. Swiss lace

7. Hair glue

8. Scissors

9. Hair spray

10. T pins or any other type


Place the wig cap on the mannequin head. Use the t-pins to keep it in place

Thread your needle(s). Try not to make it too long so it won’t get tangled when you start sewing.

Place the lace on the part of the wig cap you want to use for your closure and hold with pins. Make sure the lace is properly stretched out.

Sew the lace round to the wig cap except the front part.

Cut out the part of the wig cap underneath the lace. Be careful not to cut the lace.

Start your sewing from the bottom of the wig cap. Pass the needle under the weft or right through the weft (this gives a neater look).

When you get to the part where you have your lace, take a piece of the weave and measure it against the length of the lace then cut.

Split the weft in two (this will make it to lay flatter) then apply some hair glue to the weft (try not to apply too much to avoid stains)
Place the hair very close to the last track of hair but facing the opposite direction. Apply some hair spray and hold it down.

Flip it over to the other side and hold it down.

Repeat the same process on both sides till you get to the middle of the lace. That’s it! You have your closure


I hope this was easy enough to inspire someone to make a wig today. I’d like to know what you guys think of my work  and if anyone would like to  try this pattern of closing; just go ahead and leave a comment. Thanks and do have a lovely day.
Goodie. xoxo



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